Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Natural Selection vs Intelligent Design

A nice post [link]. The link gives a nice introduction to what natural selection means and how today scientists can visualize, using DNA, what the theory of Darwin suggested to be a cause of all the diversity we witness in nature. It is amazing to know that random mutations occur and some of the mutations survive longer than others due to the circumstances that exist. It also seems that mutations occur anyways and are not encouraged or caused by changing environment. It is like you happen to pick a lottery ticket that wins. Most others pick the wrong tickets and loose. You keep investing in the game of lottery anyways. If you keep winning u keep getting stronger and survive longer than others who don't win as much. Just that the fittest of all the mutations (the winning lottery ticket, a selection amongst many possible mutations or lottery tickets) survives!

Yes, the process is a random process that is still being understood. I guess the cause behind the randomness is still a mystery. Once the cause is known the process will become deterministic?
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