Monday, May 30, 2005

Burkhe mein rahne do

I bet we Indians can very proudly justify all ills in our society and this is probably our greatest problem. Most people supporting the Shiv Sena's view take the easiest route of relating all aberrations to deviations from Indian culture and religion. There are many more ridiculous comments on the Times Of India. All these people need to be evicted from the Indian mainland. God knows which part of the world they deserve (the bermuda triangle should be a nice resort). They are criminals in their own right and need to be ostracized else the days of the burkha may return, not that they are over yet!

I am not too sure what impression of rape Indians (who have not themselves committed the crime) have. Most hindi movies that purportedly deal with rape provide mere titillation that too of very low standards. In our "culture" being raped has a social stigma attached to it. How can rape strip one of ones modesty is impossible to understand, unless the decision makers are self proclaimed judges. The people next door, would try to figure out why only that particular girl got raped, after all none of us got raped, "poorva-janma-karma" (sins in the previous birth) was probably responsible. She surely would have done something to provoke that man.... and so on! In the end they would make the life of the victim a veritable hell. I remember a news item during the Gujarat riots which told the story of a man who was caught, on camera, pleading for the life of his family. The man is shown crying and begging for his family's life. I am not sure whether the man could save his family members or not, but I do remember that the family was ostracized as the neighbourhood thought that the man acted like a coward. I am not too sure what the man was expected to do, but this is another example of the victim being further victimized. The rapist may go scot free. Well he has to pay for his sins but that has to happen after his rebirth. Ignorance is indeed bliss. Majority of us are probably ignorant of our culture, traditions, religions and all what we take shelter in.

How proud I am of my culture or may be the lack of it.

Anyways! Burkha is the way to go. Women should eat, sleep, drink or maybe even wink inside a burkha. Even allowing democracy to prevail is dangerous in India. I wonder which side will win if there is a vote on the issue.

Burkhe mein rahne do...
Burkha na hatao..
Burkah jo hat gaya to Rape Ho jayega.....
Allah meri tauba.. maula meri tauba.... - Possibly Sena's future anthem