Sunday, September 25, 2005

Groom Bazaar

IAS - 25 lakh, IPS - 25 lakhs, poor engineer - a few lakhs lesser. Engineering is costlier to pursue. Seems to be a loss making venture as there are IAS/IPS who are not engineers. The good old story.

Up north, grooms are categorised according to their stature. A Lucknow-based matrimonial agency, the professor elaborates, would typically place an IAS-IPS groom under the 'Lotus Category'.

Lotus carries more weight than the 'Marigold Category' of doctors, engineers, lawyers and lecturers. 'Rose' stands for grooms who have passed out from the IIMs and IITs. "These are the undisputed sultans of the wedding mart," the professor maintains.

Shameless bastards!
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