Sunday, September 04, 2005

The moral police is back

Well, not that I had not feared this [link]. Thou (the moral police) cannot understand why Sania Mirza wears the clothes she does on a tennis court but (and I am greatly obliged!) thou are proud of her achievements. A veil with just eyes popping out should be good for the game of tennis. Add ray-bans too. Maybe, Sania should order for such a veil and then thou shall be happy. I am sure the same moral police wouldn't have allowed women play part in any affairs of the society a few decades ago. Not sure how better the situation is today. Given Sania's rise and today's working class it will sound preposterous if they said that girls should not play in public, so they now want to have a say in the dress she wears.
One argument they give is that

"It is a sport, not a fashion parade. If people are troubled by her dress she ought to cover herself and play."

Eye opener indeed! Would it be OK if she were participating in a fashion parade or is there a suitable dress code for a fashion parade too! People are troubled! Which people, the God fearing ones? All they can see are the 18 year old girl's legs?

"because it will offend sensibilities"

Whose sensibilities? The sensibilities of perverts who want the world to change but will not amend their habits.

"Actually the conservatives are confused. They're not sure how to react to a phenomenon like her who also has a strong religious background. Mercifully, the Islamic seminary Darul Uloom's rule on the mandatory veil concentrates only on Muslim women contesting elections and not on sports,"

Excellent! After all since when have women been participating in sports. Surely not before the above rule was created else they wouldn't have missed on the sports clause. Will the moral police realize that the times have changed and for the better? Isn't it time for them to move along too? A cliched question, I guess! And why should that rule matter to Sania Mirza even if it were to include sport's women? Shouldn't the law of the secular land take care?
A zillion times it has been mentioned that the dress women wear has nothing to do with any atrocities committed on them. Not that there is anything wrong with what she wears. The moral police needs to find better jobs for themselves. A "better employment opportunity scheme" should be created for them, on these lines maybe [ link], hopefully then they will happily feed on the economic fabric of India rather than the social one! Closing of dance bars in Mumbai [ link], restrictions on live-band joints in Bangalore [ link], show of "strength" on Valentine's Day [ link]. Independent India?? Hmm...

Sania, just hope you are not another casualty of the moral police! Way to go. Glory beckons you at the US Open!
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