Thursday, July 28, 2005

Figure Hugging Clothes

Men wear them too. Pity the clothes though! Wonder what would happen
if clothes could exercise free will. I reckon men would roam around
naked and women all draped in cloth. Thank goodness that clothes
cannot exercise free will!

Monday, July 25, 2005


I wonder whether calling a person Black or White is not racism? He is a black, she is a white. The words black and white are names of colors that signify respectively absorption of the entire spectrum and the reflection of the same. Why should they be used to categorize people? Use of color names Black, brown, yellow, white for identifying groups of people is derogatory and should be banned.

Very recently the London police shot a person dead. All the "whites" said that they saw an asian run towards the subway train. The asian looked suspicious as he was wearing a thick jacket on a warm summer day. The police surrounded him and shot five rounds into the Asian's head. The dead Asian was later found to be no way related to any terrorist activity whatsoever. The most interesting part, something that unfortunately makes me smile is that it was later realized that the man was not a dark skinned Asian but a Brazilian. The family of the Brazilian was obviously shocked. They said ...

"How could they have done such a thing as to kill him from behind?" Mr. Alves told the Globo Television Network. "How could they have confused and killed a light-skinned person who had no resemblance at all to an Asian?"

I don't want to comment on a comment made under duress, but the feeling I get is that it would have been OK for the family if the person was an Asian muslim even if he was innocent! They were catholics and light-skinned and so the tragedy is of greater proportions? I am not saying that they should mourn the death of every other stranger but ones color giving one a false sense of security is unfortunate. I wonder what will UK and the USA do if White and Black Muslims turn to suicide bombing. No reason why the Al-Alqaeda cannot brain wash the White or the Black!

Anyways, it will take me sometime to digest the death of the person. The jacket he was wearing was probably carrying his tools. After all he was an electrician. May be he was running to catch the subway. I do that many times now a day, run to catch a train. He ended up taking a flight to elsewhere thanks to the five rounds! Maybe he will find paradise. Wishing him the very best wherever he is.