Sunday, September 04, 2005

Can we the people do it?

21 years have indeed passed[link]. It has been 21 years of (c)ommissions, false reports, media rhetoric and I guess some true reporting too. I was wondering if the Sikhs in Delhi and Punjab can today come out in large numbers and protest against the government, a protest of the kind Cindy Sheehan [ link ] is leading against the war in Iraq. Further, if the sikhs come out and start protesting will people from other not affected communities join the protest. If there is one thing we as Indians can use against any government, it is our sheer numbers. Why don't I see any public protests? Not protests by organizations who supposedly represent the community but the common people of the community. Why? Even elections are rigged. Polls after an incident may not be any indicator of whether a govt should come back in power or not. The only tool we are left with is large scale protest.

If people can be gathered and instructed in no time to carry out pogroms why cannot normal people plan out protests? Where is the point in all the media coverage, blogger coverage that the riots have got if they do not lead to any action from the common man's side, ruling out that the govt will do anything at all.

Will it ever be See you at say the PM's office to launch protests! or will we keep counting year after another, crime after another?
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