Monday, January 19, 2009

ANTIDOTE: It's Gujarat Versus Goa

ANTIDOTE: It's Gujarat Versus Goa:
"Yes, Ambani, Mittal and Tata have endorsed Narendra Modi – drawing Jug Suraiya’s ire. They say he is a great administrator. Their clearances to set up business came through in a matter of days. Thousands of MoUs to set up new businesses were signed in Gujarat recently. So what?

Are the people happy? Are the people free? Is there social harmony? Is there, indeed, a “body politic” based on a common recognition of the same rules? Or is this just a laboratory experiment in Hindootva? We are Hindoo chauvinists, yes; but mind you, we support private enterprise. Big deal. No matter what Tata, Ambani and Mittal might say or do, I find the “Gujarat model” despicable.

Spot on! Can't agree more.
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