Sunday, October 19, 2008

Absolutely Indecent!
Meanwhile, Woman and Child Development Minister, Renuka Chaudhary said, "Lawmakers should such people a lesson. There is no law in the country that states that a girl cannot wear something unless it is absolutely indecent. It is very shocking, backward and illiterate.
I am sure the "nana" thought that applying lipstick was absolutely indecent, infact in his opinion, and I must add he is not alone, all indecent girls should be molested and burnt. Renuka is no different, she too has a definition of indecent albeit a different one!

I am not too sure how and why are the decent so easily worried by the indecent... 

How can the law punish the indecent for what is a weakness of the decent? On what basis does the law decide what is decent? In my opinion that should be an individual's choice. 

It should be against the law to force another individual to live by ones definition of decency!
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