Saturday, April 15, 2006


Grief? Or was it a perfect occasion to vent out all that was pent up. All I can say is that people need to engage themselves in more interesting pursuits. Maybe there aren't enough opportunities to satisfy one and all. Maybe these people who seem to be caught up in a time warp need to be utilized better? The need to "save culture" is a tool that is used with great proficiency to deviate from important issues that stare us in the eye. It is an easy way out. Save culture, stop progress? I am not sure what save culture means. Cultures need to evolve else they won't survive or will end up in isolation. Also, the heart of the issue is lack of jobs. It is jobs and job worthy that need to be created not an anti-other culture sentiment.

"In fact there is a lurking suspicion that the violence is not entirely a product of angst at the death of an icon. The support base of a celluloid icon often comes from the things he stands for and Rajkumar was unabashedly Kannadiga, espousing support for local culture and values against much reviled others. In an earlier era, those outsiders were Tamilians and Telugus who came and took away jobs. Today, apart from the familiar villains, the wrath is also directed at multinational companies who are recruiters from outside the state." [link].
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