Monday, January 09, 2006


She was married to a soldier named Arif who didn't return from the battlefield. It was assumed that the soldier had become a victim of war. She was remarried to Taufeeq. Five years passed and Arif returned. He had not been killed but had become a prisoner of war. What should Gudia do now? Does she stay with Taufeeq or does she go back to Arif? What happens to the child in her womb which was part Taufeeq? No, I am not asking for answers because the only one who can answer the above questions is Gudia. Was Gudia allowed to answer the above questions? Well, no she was not. The panchayat (village governing body) thought that she should go back to Arif. Not sure what was the reasoning. Anyway, Gudia and her unborn are no more. It is said she died due to complications in her pregnancy. I wonder how relieved she would have been having left a world that didn't allow her some very fundamental rights. A world that treated her like an object and continues to treat women like objects. Gudiya and how the media exploited her! I guess she didn't want to lead a doll's life.
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